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  • 201 Victoria Street, West Melbourne Victoria 3003, Australia
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Firstly, welcome to Victoria Street West Melbourne ! We are so grateful you’ve taken the time to look at our website it means so much to a small independent business like ourselves.

We started Calmatronics right here in 1990 so we have been a mainstay in the West Melbourne-North Melbourne community. We are an Electrical & lighting wholesaler with a fantastic retail shop stocking every light bulb & accessory you might require. We stock all electrical & lighting items here (if not we find them). We have a network of electricians so we can organise for one of them attend your property Should you require some electrical work to be carried out. Part of the fun for us is we find those hard to get pieces you need, So we are here to help our locals and thanks to the website our global community. so if you need a product or just advise on getting the best result for your home, try us we are only a phone call or email away or come in and let us really show you what we can do!
call us on 9326 5888
or send email inquiries to calmatronics@bigpond.com