LED STRIPS FLP12V5M-6W/M 12V low voltage LED strip KIT 5m Application An creative solution for residential and commercial interior spaces Design Specifications 12V weatherproof LED flexible strip with 3M self-adhesive tapes at back Pre-wired strip kit includes LED driver, LED strip & 1.2 m flex & 2 pin plug Plug & play ready to use High efficiency SMD LED chips, beam angle 115 degree, choice of 3000K or 5000K Stable working performance and even light output, heatsink recommended Cuttable every 50 mm at the scissors symbol ✂, 2M and 5M kits optional. NOTE: when cutting LED strips, it is always important to calculate the remaining LED load to reconfirm its compatibility with the existing driver, as driver changes may be required with moderate reduction in loads.

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