FLEXI SMART FLP12V/SBT SMART HOME - 5MTR smart lighting, warm white or natural daylight strip kits Application Home theatre, bar features, decorative task illumination demanding smart controls. Design Specifications Smart LED strip kit Dimmable controlled by included remote, or via SAL PIXIE or PIXIE PLUS apps Dimming memory function, high performance, stable, even light output Pre wired for easy installation, plug-in & ready to use Cuttable every 50mm. NOTE: when cutting LED strips, it is always important to calculate the remaining LED load to reconfirm its compatibility with the existing driver, as driver changes may be required with moderate reduction in loads. NOTE: Heatsink required Performance Dimmable - YES Dimmer Type - Remote control or PIXIE Additional functions when used with the PIXIE or PIXIE PLUS app. TIMER FUNCTION: Set strips or strip groups to remain on for set period and set a countdown timer (1 min. to 24 hours) until strips or strip groups turn off SCHEDULE FUNCTION: Set strips or strip groups specific time to turn on and off. Required brightness levels can also be selected GROUP FUNCTION: Group strips together into strip groups and control as one SCENE FUNCTION: Set a range of scenarios (scenes) by individual strips or strip groups and activate with one touch

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