Our 3 core twisted and 3 core plain lamp cable include an earth wire and can be used on any metal light fittings. 2 core flex is not earthed and is therefore only suitable for non-metal lampholders only. Our cable can support a maximum suspended weight of 2kg. All of our flex is 0.50mm², 3 amp, 300v and made to a very high standard in the UK to BS7655 & BS6500 or in the EU to EN 60228 & EN 50363-3. please contact us for pricing prices from $6-$12 per metre depending on style of cable required. we have a large selection instore from traditional cotton flex to more antique looking braided twist flex

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Size: *
  • 1 metre length (1000mm)
  • 2 metre length (2000mm)
  • 3 metre length (3000mm)
  • 5 meter length (5000mm)
  • 10 metre length (10000mm)